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"1st Grands" - Wardlaw-Robinson 1st Grandchildren Exclusive Generational Plush Gray Blanket 40x30

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This specially created 40 x 30-inch plush blanket features a gray background and the individual names and images of McKinley and Rosa's Children and Grandchildren. This Wardlaw-Robinson Family exclusive has been curated at the request of Joan W. Johnson for hanging in her home over the family archives. For a limited time, this blanket is being made available for purchase by all family members to benefit the Rosa P. Robinson Wardlaw Scholarship.

This artwork has been created using a color-coded layout. Each photo of the children of McKinley and Rosa has been assigned a color and each color is shown under the children of that person. The children are listed in birth order with their first and middle names. Each set of grandchildren is listed in birth order with their first name under the photo.

This size blanket would make for a great wall hanging and is available in either white or gray. 

Image printed on single side only. The back of the blanket is white.

This velvety-feeling blanket is printed in the USA.  A portion of the profit of this item will go toward the Rosa P. Robinson Wardlaw Family Scholarship.

* The tree is high-resolution. The individual images are of varying quality. Photo may be shown with a watermark, but that will not be printed on your blanket.

Care Recommendation:

This plush blanket is machine washable on cold. However, due to the image detail, repeated washing may fade appearance time.